Top Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners


Writing a blog is an art and if you love an art then you will take care of the blog. There are many bloggers who are following Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners and they succeed in it. Behind every successful blogger, Blogging tips played an important role. Please do let us know which tips you are using to become the best Blogger.

Top Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners

1. Domain Name

Find Domain Name
Find Domain Name

Domain name is the one of the highest priority for the website.

You need to think the best domain name for your website. First thing on which topic you are going to write a Blogs or website target. If you think only for a blogging then find your niche.

Unity Blogger is a planet of blogs, here we are writing blogs on almost all the topics. If you are thinking for specific topics then you can search domain name related to your topic.

If you are thinking any new domain, check here its status.

2. Blogs topics


After selecting a domain name, now you need to select topics where you can add easily blogs or content on the select topic.

Unity Blogger is a planet of blogs and we are writing blogs on almost all the topics.
Blog topic can be:

  1. Affiliate Program
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Guest Post
  4. Travel blogs
  5. Recipe post
  6. Advertising
  7. Digital Marketing
  8. WordPress beginner
  9. Web Hosting
  10. Web Development
  11. Photography
  12. Entertainment
  13. Electronic Gadgets
  14. Technical blogs
  15. Non Technical blogs.

I will explain blog topics in the next article.  Please do not write a Blogs on adult topics as it will you not make a popular blogger as per my thinking.

3. Best Web Hosting

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

Without hosting, online blogging is not possible however bloggers are choosing free hostings like etc or paid best hosting like,,,, WpWebHost. 

You can use any web hosting plan to start but I will recommend going with  WordPress Web hosting plans.

Type of hosting also playing an important role for your website if your using shared hosting then you may face issue related hacking, downtime, slow loading etc. Sharing hostings are cheap so you can start with it in beginner and after getting money from your website, you can get WordPress or dedicated hosting.

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4. Best Theme

WordPress Free Theme
WordPress Free Theme

WordPress themes are free and paid.

you can use any theme for your website. is a planet of free plugins and themes.

You can get premium themes for ThemeForest. I will recommend the Genesis framework theme as they are more secure.

4.1 Child Theme

Do not forget to create a child theme.

If you don’t know then you can use Orbisius Child Theme Creator plugin, who will create a child theme for you.

Here you can get the WordPress Recommend Plugin list you can use it as per your need.

5. Find your audience

After setup, now you need to think about your target audience and target country.

If you writing blogs on traveling places then you should join the travel blogger community on social media
Most of the time, bloggers are writing technical blogs and doing marketing for a not technical audience.

Follow the audience and make a Friendship with a community which can be your blogger topic.

Join Our Communities: 

If your main aim is earning from a blog then you should target the USA audience as Google AdSense is paying higher for them.

6. Understand your audience need.

You need to understand what your audience needs.

If your audience is a traveler and you are writing blogs on technical then they will skip your blogs and move to the next blog site or blog post.

In this way, you will lose your audience and obviously earnings.

7. Write a blog

Whatever your DA (DOMAIN AUTHORITY) or daily visit, forgot it and write a good content for your blog.

Few bloggers are always in hurry to write a blog after blog and in this case, they are not concentrating on an audience and their content.

I’m not saying that you have to write a regular blog. First, find your blog topic and search on the internet for the same topic. If they are already present then write in a different way no need to copy and paste.

At the initial, we were doing same and found that we are not Doing a great job in blogging. We hurried to write a blog post and not searching how many blogs were written on the same topic or how.

7.1 Blog format

Your blog should have a unique or same format for all the blogs whatever your topics are not mattered is how you write the content. In your blog format, introduction, body content and conclusion or summary should be present.

In the blog content, try to write lengthy blogs I think the average blog post was usually somewhere between 500 and 800 words.

I’m not recommending that you can write a blog in a specific range.

It totally depends upon your Content. How you write or how you are using SEO.

7.1.1 Introduction

  • In the introduction, you need to write a brief introduction to your topic or on which topic you are going to write a blog.

7.1.2 Body Content

  • In this section, you need to write your topics in the details. Make sure that you will not copy the content from anywhere.
  • It should be unique.
  • You can check your content uniqueness here.

7.1.3 Footer (Conclusion/summary)

  • In this section, you need to write what you wrote in the brief.
  • You can ask the question to your audience/readers about the feedback or you can ask them to suggest on the same.

7.1.4 Infographic

  • Always use images in your blog content.
  • You can show information on the image and can place in the content.
  • you can get images from here.


7.1.5 Featured Images.

  • For a blog, you must have to use a featured image which will be displayed on the details page.
  • You can create a free royalty image from site.

See Also How to create images from

7.1.6 use category and tags

  • If you are writing blogs under the same topic then create a category or tag and assign the blog under it.
  • E.x if you have written 3 blogs on Affiliate Program or Digital Marketing then create a category with the same name and new and old blogs under it.

7.1.7 Comment for Blog

  • Always use comments for the blog post.
  • The user will ask queries through the same and can engage with you.

7.2 Title and URL

Always try to use small length in the URL.

Google is searching millennial result on Search Page Result in a few seconds and it should be read your short URL easily.
Never use underlines (_) in URL. Always use a dash (-) in the URL.

Try to make SEO friendly URL.



7.2.1 Engage your audience

Engage your audience means when they are reading your single blog and after reading it never let go of them.

Always add a related post at the bottom of your every post.

You can add them with the plugin if your theme is not providing.

While writing a blog, you need to find out the words which are used in the previous post or your category name.

Add the previous post link to them so if the user is interested then they read one more blog post and you will engage the audience.

8. Social Marketing

Social Media
Social Media

Never forget to share your blog post on the social media.

Add social sharing plugin to share your content.

Social Media has the power to make you viral. if you are doing great and your content is strong and useful then you can become famous in one night also.

Social media are also playing the main role in blogging.

Try to join the maximum Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler etc.

While Sharing your content on these Social Media don’t forget to share others article. Do Sharing, liking, commenting on other authors post.

It will create a good impact and then they will also take a participate in your topics. Ultimately you will get traffic from them.

9. Newsletter


Use any newsletter plugin to subscribe your readers.

Send promotions, a new blog post from newsletter so you will get an additional traffic.

For the newsletter, you can use Aweber or MailChimp. Aweber is premium and MailChimp allows you up to 2000 subscriber in a free version.

Join our Newsletter to get the fresh content like this article.

If you have any question related to this article or want to suggest on any topic then please do let me know via comment.


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