WordPress Filters to add login and logout links in the header menu


Many developers are developing a website on the website and in a few cases, they need to add Login and Logout links in the header.  Many times developers are using a plugin to fulfill this requirement but as a WordPress developer, I’m using the following function to add the Login and Logout links in the header.

WordPress Login and Logout links in the menu.

  • While doing theme customization, if you need to add Login and Logout links in the header menu then copy the below code and paste it in a functions.php file.
  • If you are using child theme then please place this code in a functions.php file and if you are doing with custom plugin the add it in plugin function files.
  • Change the login URL with your current login page.
  • It will Add automatically Login and Logout links in the menu.

  • This will add with all the menu you need to check which menu you need.
  • Try to print $items and $args, you will get the menu details and add if condition to display the login and logout link at the particular menu,

Please Note: Manage your class name as per menus.

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