How To Use jQuery WordPress datepicker in the theme or plugin


We develop a WordPress website and as being devloper, we have to develope many things in the WordPress.  Sometimes we need to use WordPress datepicker in the theme or plugin. To add a datepicker in the WordPress theme or plugin or template simply use below steps.

Next, Add a text box where you want to display datepicker in the HTML.

In the above text box, I used MyDate as an id. You can use your own id. So please replace your id with MyDate.

Next script is to use the script in the header or footer. There are many ways to put the scripts in the header or footer.

The direct script in header.php or footer.php file.

Copy the below script and placed in the header.php or footer.php files. Please do the needfully if you know the WordPress theme structure.

Using Action hook

With the help of action hooks, we can place the scripts in the header.php and footer.php files. Copy the below code and place in the functions.php file to display the datepicker scripts


If you want to put the script in the header.php then use below code.



If you want to put the script in the footer.php then use below code.

In the above script replace your id with MyDate and I used date format to dd-mm-yy. You can use another format if you want.

Please do let me know if you have any queries and let us know your thoughts via comment.



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