Royalty and Royalty Free Images

Royalty and Royalty Free Images
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  • More Blogger or site owners are confused for images.
  • Most of the time users are searching on the google for images which they want and simply doing copy and pest. But they don’t have an idea that which images they are using for the site.  My one of the best friend has copied an image and applied to the site and after few month the owner of the image punished him and charge for it.
  • When people are going to apply for the Google AdSense then they will reject it because of copyright images.

What Is Royalty And Royalty Free Images

  • Users are using images without verifying it that they are Royalty free or not. Sometimes many users have paid a penalty for royalty images.
  • Royalty images mean they are not for free use. And the owner of the images has copyrights on it.
  • Royalty free images mean you can use that images for commercial as well as for personal use. Few images you can edit also.

Here are some Royalty free sites.

  1.  Pixabay
    • Pixabay providing free images and videos.
    • They also proving  Illustrations,  Vector graphics,
  2. Image Source
    • Image source proving free images.
  3. Pexels
    • Free images.
  4. Getty Images
    • Free images.
    • Getty Images providing app also
  5. Free Images
    • Free images.
    • Premium images

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