Indian Online Shopping Affiliate Marketing Tools


Are you interested in Indian Online Shopping Affiliate Marketing Tools? Today I will be shared with you the most popular Indian online shopping Affiliate Marketing Tool’s links.

Many site owners those are interested in generating revenue from their websites by using Indian Affiliate Marketing Tools they could join following affiliate programs and can generate revenue.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tools

  • Amazon is a branded online mega store globally but is has a special impact on India and has a separate link in India i.e
  • After registration, you will get a tracking code and any product link you have to add this newly generate tracking id.
  • Amazon offering
    • Widgets
    • Product links
  • In Amazon, you could use developer API for the product listing here is the link
  • Amazon Affiliate Link:

 Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Tools

  • Flipkart is also online megastore in India. Flipkart’s affiliate tool is easy to handle as compared to other online shopping tools.
  • Flipkart also providing earnings from a mobile app. It’s generating referral links to install the application. Click here to check it.
  • Flipkart is proving up to 12% commission for Affiliate Marketing Tools.
  • Flipkart offering
    • Push Content Widget
    • Bookmarklet Widget
    • Promotional Widgets
    • Promotional Banners
    • Product Links & Banners
  • Flipkart Affiliate link:

Snapdeal Affiliate Marketing Tools

  • Snapdeal is providing static banners in square, horizontal, and vertical manner.
  • Snapdeal offering ₹52 for android app installation.
  • Snapdeal Affiliate link:

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Hope you have like this article about affiliate marketing tools. In the next article, I will write about How to register to an affiliate process.


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