Hello friends, I hope you are doing a great job with your lovely blog. I have faced the major issues in the past days and lost in revenue and page ranking for my two websites.

Today,  I will tell you that what happened with the www.unityblogger.com and www.ultimateblogger.net site after applied the ads and how to avoid sneaky mobile redirection after placing ads.

Many bloggers having a habit to apply for the ads without getting its information. Even bloggers are not searching for the ads provider they just waited for the approval and once a site is approved they place code whenever they have the place. Same I did with ads provider without having their pop-up ads.

If you’re planning to apply for the Bidvertiser and Infolinks then please wait read this article and then go for the application. I am not saying that to do not apply them on the site but read a few things which I have experienced with them.

I have applied for the few ads sites and they have approved both websites www.unityblogger.com and www.ultimateblogger.net and rejected www.unityblogger.blogspot.com site. I have placed the ads on both the side and after a few days, my both site’s searching is blocked by the Google search console.

I have placed the ads anywhere in both site but I have not noticed that few ads are coming through auto pop-ups and they are redirecting other sites URL  instead of my site URL. Actually, every ad has the functionality to select the ads between popup and normal ads. But in the existed mood I have selected them and place them on the site.

After few days, My visitors are getting redirect to the other side and they are not able to read my content and I felt that it is not good and may reader will fill irritating while redirecting to the unknown site.

I did not notice it until google informs me. They had informed me but with the following email.

Sneaky mobile redirects detected mail from Google


Because of this silly mistake, My both site was blocked by the Google search console and automatically It was impacted on my visitors. After a long search, I found that ads provider sites having a setting where we can select if we want to show popup ads or not or we can select the normal ads for the site. Now I have resolved these issues and removed all the ads and applied for the reconsideration request and it’s approved.

Reconsideration request approved mail from Google



So please after applied to the ads make sure that your pages are not redirected from the mobile. If this happened, again and again, your site may be permanently banned by Google. So checked everything after applied the ads.


I hope this will help you a lot and please keep it in mind. You can apply for any ads provided but make sure that your mobile pages are not redirecting to unknown links.